Heather Jo Clark

On this episode of the MMA Roasted Podcast, Adam takes a call from MMA fighter Heather Jo Clark.

NFC West Preview (Ep. 716)

The SGP guys preview their next division breaking down the NFC West. Kyler Murray and Todd Gurley talk and much more.

Chris Sale Beyond Repair | Team USA Basketball | XFL Logos

It may be August 23rd, but Alex Barth and Alex Lebowitz are ready to call this Red Sox season over. Beyond that, they're wondering...

District 9 (Directed by Neill Blomkamp) – A Bug’s Life

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Red Sox Head West to Face San Diego Padres

Yesterday afternoon the Sox resumed, and won, their August 7th game against the Kansas City Royals. The game was suspended in the 10th inning...


On today’s podcast we discuss the following topics: SGA in OKC Westbrook attributes Popeye’s vs. ChickFilA Thunder over/under And so much more Thanks for listening...