No Foreign Policy? Trivial Subjects to Highlight First US Presidential Debate

While the Supreme Court vacancy and the pandemic are dominating the news cycle, the daily lives of everyday Americans most impacted by FA


Former Vice President Joe Biden is set to take on President Donald Trump in the first US Presidential Debate for the 2020 campaign season tomorrow night.

Shockingly, or not shockingly, if you’re a cynic — the most pressing issue of our time, American foreign policy is not expected to be discussed in any capacity Tuesday night.

This makes little sense because the one legally authorized power the American president holds is Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.  But as American quality of life has disintegrated in the 21st century, its disastrous interventionist foreign policy abroad is the primary culprit.  The pursuit of empire has created relentless resentment abroad while tearing apart the social fabric at home as the economy is now headed into its Greatest Depression.

Americans deserve the right to see if either candidate offers any alternative to the same foreign policy objectives that have been pursued since the end of the Cold War, and have been on hyperdrive since 9/11.  

However, according to the latest prop bets on, it appears that foreign policy will be saved for a later debate.  Below are updated props

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