Patriots 2024 Draft Big Board: Offensive Tackles

Like the receiver position, offensive tackle has been a weak spot for the Patriots for several seasons.

Despite a lack of consistency from recent starters Trent Brown and Isaiah Wynn, the team hasn’t drafted a tackle in the first three rounds since 2018. Instead, they’ve attempted to supplement the position with career backups and late-round picks.

Mike Onwenu’s return to right tackle last season offered much-needed stability, and he is expected to remain there into 2025. But unless he makes significant strides with a full offseason to train in the role, it’s hard to shake the feeling he’d be better at his natural guard spot.

Former Steeler Chukwuma Okorafor was signed to a one-year deal and would start opposite Onwenu if the season started today, but he’s not a long-term answer.

With those deficiencies in mind, particularly the more glaring need at left tackle, I put together a big board of my favorite offensive tackle prospects and where they will likely be taken in the draft. This list is based on a combination of skill set, scheme fit, and team interest.

Unlike in previous big boards, this list will feature the position each prospect played for most of their college career for better context. With New England unlikely to take a tackle in the early-mid-1st round due to their needs at quarterback, I did not include premier blindside prospects like Joe Alt, Oly Fashanu, and Troy Fautanu.

Special thanks to Brandon Thorn and Dane Brugler for their tremendous work and invaluable insights, which helped me formulate many of these scouting reports. “Key measurables” courtesy of Mockdraftable.

In case you missed my two previous big board installments:


RT Amarius Mims

Background: 6’8″, 340 lbs, 21 years old, Junior, 7 career starts at RT

Accolades: National Champion (2022, 2021)

Key Measurements: 86 3/4″ wingspan (97th %tile), 11 1/4″ hands (97th %tile), 25 1/2″ vert (19th %tile)

Strengths: Size, length, mobility, power, strong hands, pass sets, second-level blocking

Weaknesses: Inexperience, leverage, lunging, inside counters

Patriots Connections: None reported

Quick Thoughts: Mims lacks experience, but you wouldn’t know how few starts he has from the tape. Like most prospects, he needs significant refinement, and he’s much bigger than what Eliot Wolf tends to look for in his tackles. However, Mims has the tools to be an immediate starter on either side of the line with high-end potential down the road.


RT Tyler Guyton, Oklahoma

Background: 6’8″, 322 lbs, 21 years old, Redshirt Junior, 13 career starts at RT, 1 at LT

Accolades: Senior Bowl, All-Big 12 Honorable Mention (2023)

Key Measurements: 34 1/2″ vert (97th %tile), 6’7 3/4″ tall (91st %tile), 34 1/8″ arms (54th %tile)

Strengths: Size, length, mobility, foot quickness, explosive pass sets, patience, grip strength, strong anchor

Weaknesses: Inexperience, leverage, raw footwork, inside counters, inconsistent run blocker, finishing

Patriots Connections: 30 visit

Quick Thoughts: Like Mims, Guyton is inexperienced, was primarily used on the right side, and is larger than Wolf typically targets at tackle. But he also parallels the former Bulldog in physical upside and should start within his first season.

LT Jordan Morgan, Arizona

Background: 6’5″, 311 lbs, 22 years old, Senior, 37 career starts at LT

Accolades: Senior Bowl, First-Team All-Pac-12 (2023)

Key Measurements: 11″ hands (95th %tile), 110″ broad (82nd %tile), 32 7/8″ arms (9th %tile)

Strengths: Size, burst, mobility, hand strength, body control, balance, aggressiveness, run blocking

Weaknesses: Below average length for tackle, foot quickness, range in pass pro, inside counters

Patriots Connections: None reported

Quick Thoughts: Jordan Morgan may be better suited as a guard in the NFL, but he can start on day one, and he held up against premier edge rusher prospect Laiatu Latu last season. If New England wants to double-dip at tackle while adding a potential Cole Strange replacement, Morgan could hold down the blindside while a mid-round prospect develops behind the scenes.


LT Kingsley Suamataia, BYU

Background: 6’5″, 326 lbs, 21 years old, Sophomore, 10 career starts at LT (all in 2023), 12 at RT

Accolades: Senior Bowl, Second-Team All-Big 12 (2023)

Key Measurements: 10 5/8″ hands (85th %tile), 110″ broad (82nd %tile), 6’4 5/8″ tall (15th %tile)

Strengths: Size, explosiveness, mobility, versatility, independent hand usage, advanced flashes in pass pro

Weaknesses: Leverage, inconsistent awareness, leaning, anchor, discipline

Patriots Connections: 30 visit

Quick Thoughts: Kingsley Suamataia is raw and inconsistent, but he’s also young, versatile, and has immense potential. He’s also the cousin of All-Pro Penei Sewell, which is apparent in his rare athleticism. Suamataia may need a redshirt season, but if Scott Peters can maximize his potential, he’ll be well worth the wait.


LT Patrick Paul, Houston

Background: 6’7″, 331 lbs, 22 years old, Redshirt Junior, 44 career starts at LT

Accolades: Senior Bowl, First-Team All-Big 12 (2023), First-Team All-AAC (2022, 2021)

Key Measurements: 36 1/4″ arms (97th %tile), 86 1/4″ wingspan (96th %tile), 9 3/8″ hands (9th %tile)

Strengths: Size, length, mobility, hand strength, anchor, physicality

Weaknesses: Leverage, leaning, too often lets defenders into his chest, inside counters, finishing

Patriots Connections: Combine meeting (informal)

Quick Thoughts: Paul is another prospect who doesn’t match Wolf’s typical size profile. However, he’s got the foot quickness and arm length to thrive on the blindside and a tone-setting edge. If allowed to sit early in his career and refine his technique, Paul could develop into a plus starter within his first two seasons.

RT Roger Rosengarten, Washington

Background: 6’5″, 308 lbs, 21 years old, Sophomore, 28 career starts at RT for left-handed QB

Accolades: Senior Bowl, All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention (2023), First Team Freshman All-America (2022)

Key Measurements: 4.92s 40 (96th %tile), 9 5/8″ hands (20th %tile), 80 3/8″ wingspan (21st %tile)

Strengths: Explosiveness, mobility, hand fighting, physicality, second-level blocking, line game awareness

Weaknesses: Weight, power, anchor, over-aggressiveness

Patriots Connections: None reported

Quick Thoughts: Roger Rosengarten will need to add size and strength before earning regular playing time, as he regularly struggles with and overcompensates for his lack of girth on tape. That said, he’s an outstanding athlete with exceptional hand use and an aggressive play style. He’ll be a serviceable swing tackle early on but has starting upside on either side of the line.


LT Kiran Amegadjie, Yale

Background: 6’5″, 323 lbs, 22 years old, Senior, 24 career starts at LT, 10 at RG

Accolades: First-Team FCS All-American (2023), First-Team All-Ivy League (2022)

Key Measurements: 36 1/8″ arms (95th %tile), 85 1/2″ wingspan (94th %tile), 9 5/8″ hands (20th %tile)

Strengths: Size, length, mobility, hand strength, versatility, leverage, flashes dominance as a run blocker

Weaknesses: Pedigree, leverage, foot quickness, inside counters, depth in pass pro, inconsistent finisher

Patriots Connections: None reported

Quick Thoughts: While Kiran Amegadjie is another high-upside prospect with enticing physical traits and competitiveness, he may need at least two seasons to reach his potential and adjust to NFL competition.

RT Blake Fisher, Notre Dame

Background: 6’6″, 310 lbs, 21 years old, Redshirt Sophomore, 27 career starts at RT

Accolades: N/A

Key Measurements: 114″ broad (93rd %tile), 310 bs (38th %tile)

Strengths: Length, power, hand strength, burst, advanced technique in pass sets, versatile run blocker

Weaknesses: Leverage, inconsistent hand technique, balance, recovery ability

Patriots Connections: Pro Day meeting, 30 visit

Quick Thoughts: Blake Fisher is a toolsy prospect who can execute multiple run concepts and has the runway to become a strong pass protector on either side of the line. However, his inconsistencies and occasional lack of control will keep him on the bench early in his career.


RT Caedan Wallace, Penn State

Background: 6’5″, 314 lbs, 24 years old, Redshirt Senior, 40 career starts at RT

Accolades: East-West Shrine Bowl

Key Measurements: 116″ broad (96th %tile), 10 3/4″ hands (90th %tile), 6’4 7/8″ (17th %tile)

Strengths: Size, length, athleticism, advanced pass sets, second-level blocks, finishing

Weaknesses: Age, leverage, lateral explosiveness, independent hand usage, inside moves

Patriots Connections: 30 visit

Quick Thoughts: Caedan Wallace’s age and need for continued development might be discouraging, but his significant improvement last season, experience, length, and athleticism could earn him a role early on at tackle or guard.


LT Javon Foster, Missouri

Background: 6’5″, 313 lbs, 24 years old, Senior, 39 career starts at LT, 2 at RT

Accolades: Senior Bowl, First-Team All-SEC (2023), Second-Team All-SEC (2022)

Key Measurements: 32 1/2″ vert (90th %tile), 83 3/8″ (76th %tile), 9 5/8″ hands (20th %tile)

Strengths: Size, length, good athleticism, hand strength, power, physicality

Weaknesses: Age, choppy footwork, unrefined hand usage, leaning, discipline

Patriots Connections: None reported

Quick Thoughts: Javon Foster’s rigid lower body and disjointed technique will need improvement, but he’s an intriguing developmental prospect with starting potential due to his size, length, and functional athleticism.


LT Travis Glover Jr., Georgia State

Background: 6’6″, 317 lbs, 23 years old, Senior, 57 career starts (primarily at LT)

Accolades: Senior Bowl, First-Team All-Sun Belt Conference (2023)

Key Measurements: N/A

Strengths: Size, length, power, hand strength, versatility, physicality

Weaknesses: Foot quickness, leverage, hand technique, inconsistent anchor

Patriots Connections: Hula Bowl meeting, private workout, 30 visit

Quick Thoughts: The Patriots have shown significant interest in Travis Glover, which is understandable due to his experience, versatility, and mean streak. He isn’t the most impressive athlete, but maximizing his length could make Glover a high-end backup with lower-end starter potential.

LT Frank Crum, Wyoming

Background: 6’8″, 313 lbs, Graduate, 48 career starts at RT, LT, and LG (moved from RT to LT in final season)

Accolades: First-Team All-Mountain West (2023)

Key Measurements: 6’8 1/4″ (97th %tile), 4.94s 40 (95th %tile), 114″ broad (93rd %tile)

Strengths: Size, length, foot quickness, mobility, hand placement

Weaknesses: Leverage, lateral burst, balance, punch timing, anchor, counters

Patriots Connections: None reported

Quick Thoughts: Frank Crum’s experience and competitive run blocking could earn him a swing tackle role early in his career, but his pass protection inconsistencies will need significant time to develop before he can be relied on as a true spot-starter.

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