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    128: Rob Simpson | Did the Bruins try to trade Rask? | Marchand mocking a flop was the best thing ever

    Rob Simpson joins Jimmy Murphy on the latest Bruins Beat


    Rob “Simmer” Simpson of Sirius XM Radio and author of “No Heavy Lifting” joins Jimmy Murphy on the latest Bruins Beat. Twitter: @simmerpuck


    1:45 – Simmer’s book tour is insane

    6:00 – Tuukka Rask is the Rodney Dangerfield of the Bruins

    8:30 – Rask on his early season struggles

    11:00 – Murph and Simmer try to decipher Rask’s comments on Jaroslav Halak and the playoffs

    15:15 – Have the Bruins explored other options aside from Rask?

    16:00 – Bruins did try to move Rask twice this offseason

    22:00 – Could Rask have said no to the potential deal?

    24:00 – Too much acting in the NHL