The History of Ancient Greece

    ***Bonus Episode of Amped Up Radio’s Social Life in Ancient Greece & What We Get Wrong About Athens and Sparta with Ryan Stitt (Host of The History of Ancient Greece Podcast)***


    “In this episode of Amped Up Radio, I sit down to talk with Ryan Stitt, the creator and host of The History of Ancient Greece Podcast. 

    Ryan talks about the thorny issue of historiography in ancient Greece, relating to the lack of reliable sources; what life would have been like if you were a male, female, or slave living in Athens, and Sparta’s eugenics program, whether or not it is myth or reality. 

    In the second half of the show, we talk about how Ryan got into podcasting, some roadblocks he’s come across, and some tips for new podcasters are arriving to the scene!”


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    Ryan Stitt is the Host of the History of Ancient Greece Podcast. Ryan graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classics and History in 2011 and attended graduate school for Classics at the University of California-Los Angeles. Ryan currently serves as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. He coaches youth football in his spare time, and being originally from south-central Pennsylvania, he is a lifelong Philly sports fan. Ryan can be reached by e-mail at ryanmstitt@gmail.com or on Twitter @greekhistorypod.