POSTGAME X-Mas Special: CELTICS vs Wizards (Dec. 25)

Nic Sisento leads Christmas post-game conversation with Emir Hankour. Nick Gelso joins with a rant against Boston's play.


Boston Celtics 103 (27-10) vs. Washington Wizards 111 (19-15), FINAL.

Clinging to the top spot in the Eastern Conference, Kyrie Irving & the Boston Celtics played host to rivals John Wall & the Washington Wizards for Boston’s 31st all time Christmas Day game.

Nic Sisento was joined by Emir Hankour for a special 90 minute edition of Celtics Post Game to celebrate the holiday and harp on what needs to change for the C’s, trying desperately to regain their footing as a team.

The Celts’ latest loss sends them down to second in the Eastern Conference, behind the Raptors with six more games played.

Nick Gelso joined the program as well, with an all-time Christmas rant against Boston’s play on the day. It was the C’s 6th loss in the team’s last 11.

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