Potential Donald Trump October Surprises

Donald Trump needs a miracle it seems. Can he get one?


Donald Trump has once again fallen behind Joe Biden in not just all the national polls, but as the betting underdog in the 2020 Presidential campaign.  According to BetOnline.ag, Joe Biden is once again the favorite — at -130, as Trump is a +110 underdog.

With many mail-in voting ballots being cast, Trump may not have the advantage that the three presidential debates were supposedly supposed to bring.  As a matter of fact, it does bear in mind how many potential voters there are left to win over.

The pressure is on Trump to move and to move fast.  As of now, it isn’t so much where the polls are at, it’s where the energy is.  The fact remains that, while it cannot be quantitatively measured, Trump is seriously missing the momentum that he had in 2016.  This being most reflected in donations and many less-than-outstanding rallies following their resumption from the pandemic.

This fervent support was what propelled many to knock-on-doors and swarm internet spaces, which was what greatly affected the narrative.  That energy is now elsewhere.  Trump may not be able to wait until October to reveal an ace-in-the-hole to obtain it back.  Below we reveal possibilities of what Trump could potentially be considering to tip the 2020 election.

A foreign policy victory

No one knows where Trump truly stands when it comes to foreign policy.  He has painted himself as a rogue willing to face the blob in Washington, however, his Administration from day one has been riddled with veterans of the so-called Deep State.  Trump feigns restraint, yet all credible reports have shown that Trump actually has very little interest in foreign policy, offshoring much of the job to his staff.  This hasn’t gone over well with the isolationist wing of the Republican party, nor has it appealed to independents as well.  Trump could make headway by coming up with a big foreign policy victory in the days and weeks ahead.  

However, American foreign affairs have been just about the last thing on the average American’s mind over the last 10 months.  For Trump to make headway in this avenue, it would have to be a  monumental achievement such as the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula or the withdrawal of all troops from the ridiculous 20-year quagmire in Afghanistan.

Riots turn ugly.  Like, really ugly.

Since the civil unrest began following the murder of George Floyd, Trump has positioned himself as a ‘law and order’ president.  Almost everyone wants law and order.  However, following an incident in June in which police and security forces teargassed peaceful protestors, many are rightfully concerned over Trump’s version of ‘law and order.’

The only thing that would sway this fear would be a heinous event, committed allegedly by the very rioters Trump is swearing to protect average American’s from.  Without going into too many details, use your imagination.

Pardoning Edward Snowden and/or Julian Assange

Despite what you may hear from media talking heads, this would actually go over exceptionally well with not just Republican and independents, but even Democratic voters would tip their hat to Trump on this even if they won’t end up voting for him.  Barack Obama’s former Attorney General once said that Snowden had done a ‘public service.’  A Snowden and/or Assange pardon would be historic and would do more than enough to wipe the new damning evidence in Bob Woodward’s new book from the national conversation.

Effective treatment for the virus

Skeptical of placing this here, it’s hard to imagine how an effective treatment, as miraculous as that may be, would eradicate the transpirings over the last 9 months.  Trump seems to be betting on it for whatever reason.  But the collapse of the American economy with no recovery in sight, along with nearly 200,000 deaths — it’ll be hard to see how a treatment for the pathogen would be a treatment for that. 

Also, notice how a US economic recovery isn’t on here…


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