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Putting Like a Pro: Tips and Techniques for Mastering the Art of Putting


Your putt is often considered the most significant part of golf and it can either be a gift or a disaster. The game however is won on the greens rather than in the driving and iron shots. According to Affordable Golf UK, there are trade secrets involved in putting like a pro. In this article we look at techniques such as green reading, stroke mechanics and grip. When golfers gain command over these skills they can dramatically enhance their performance on the green and have fewer strokes. 

The Importance of Reading the Green

Reading the green effectively is a major element in good putting. By being aware of the contours, slopes and pace of the green will help you perfect your putt. Slowly looking around the green from various directions paying attention to any slight disruptions or irregularities. Moreover, think about the grain of the grass because it could affect how the ball rolls. Improving your green reading skills so that you can better judge the conditions and sink the crucial putts. 

Perfecting your Grip

Your grip is the basis for a strong putting stroke. There are a range of grip types but the most recognized ones are the traditional reverse overlap, the cross-handed grip and the claw grip. You should try different grips until you find one that feels the most natural and comfortable to you. Whatever your grip, make sure that your hands are loose, and the pressure of your grip is even throughout your stroke. Ensure that you have a stable grip so as to carry out the smooth and appropriate putting motion. 

Mastering Stroke Mechanics

The key to success on the greens is a consistent and repeatable putting stroke. Sometimes it is advised to use a pendulum-like motion which implies the cooperation of the unit consisting of the shoulders, arms, and hands. You should ensure that you maintain rigid wrists and minimize any excessive movement throughout the stroke. Attempt to hit the ball at a slightly upward angle. This results in an easy roll with no skidding or bounce. To master your stroke it is vital to keep practicing which builds muscle memory. 

Distance Control

Controlling the distance is one of the most difficult parts of putting. You need to develop the feel for different lengths of putts. Begin with short putts and move on to long ones as you practice and master the skill. The time you spend on your backswing and the pace with which you make the follow-through directly contribute to how fast the ball will travel. You should try playing consistently at the same tempo to improve your distance control. By practicing this you will learn to read the greens better and get better at judging distances. 

Mental Focus and Visualization

Mental focus and concentration are vital in any sport. By including mental imagery in your pre-putt routine you can boost your confidence and performance. Take your time to go through your pre-putt routine and focus your attention on getting the ball in the hole. Ensure that no distractions and negative thoughts interrupt your play, after all putting is as much a mental game as a physical one. 


Putting is a skill golfers learn and hone throughout their lives. By adopting the practices highlighted above, you can dramatically improve your putting skills and your score on the green. Be sure to spend time practicing skills like green reading, and stroke mechanics while incorporating tools like focus and visualisation. This all put together will help you improve your putt and your game.

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