Joe Rogan, Bill Maher Want Andrew Cuomo as Pressure for Joe Biden to Step Aside Builds

Andrew Cuomo may not officially be running for President. According to, he's now second amongst Democratic hopefuls.


Joe Biden remains the heavy favorite to capture the Democratic Presidential nomination (-700.)  However, his odds have been cut in half in less than a week according to  Andrew Cuomo, who is not even an official candidate for the nomination, has surged.  Bettors once could get the New York Governor at +2500 before the weekend, but he’s now at +1000.

What’s going on?

For one, Biden’s mishaps are appearing more to not be harmless and humor-generating gaffes, but full-blown cognitive decline.  As mentioned in this space, there are many insiders within the Democratic Party who believe that Biden won’t be capable of being able to carry out a campaign.

The Coronavirus has backfired on Biden.  The lack of campaigning coupled with President Donald Trump’s mismanagement of the crisis was expected to be just what the doctor ordered for the once-presumed Democratic nominee.  It could not have been more set up on a tee for the former Vice President.

Instead, his full-blown retreat did nothing but fuel the flames regarding his cognitive capabilities or lack thereof.

When Biden did finally return for a pair of television interviews, the results were utterly disastrous and has now led to many powerful and influential figures on the left to call for Biden to tag in Andrew Cuomo if the Democrats are to have any shot at defeating Donald Trump.

Far from being unprecedented, as long as Biden does not carry enough delegates by the time of the Democratic Convention, just about anyone would be up to be selected by party insiders as the nominee.  However, this hasn’t happened since 1976 — and not since 1968 for the Democrats.

Oddly enough, as Ryan Grim reported, Democratic delegates were planning to give the 1988 nomination to Andrew Cuomo’s father, Mario, had former Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis not carried enough delegates on the first ballot.

This isn’t something out of the blue: Cuomo has utilized the amount of face time he has received on television and computer screens across America to do the most effective campaigning during these times anyone can do — by governing.

Some may be frustrated that this very well could be an election that may be decided without a more robust democratic process.  However, the other end of the spectrum is that with the removal of empty campaign rhetoric — effective governing at the Executive level will be at the forefront from now until the presumed elections in November.

And as of now, only Donald Trump and Andrew Cuomo have access to that amongst prospective Presidential candidates.

Now the question remains, will the Democrats actually make the move either now or at the convention, that would result in the selection, and not the election of Governor Andrew Cuomo as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America?

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