Synthetic Urine to the Rescue? Thank a Chemist


Artificial urine smells, looks, and has components similar to natural urine. You can get the fake pee in either powder or liquid form. There are several uses of synthetic pee, but most that come to the rescue of many is a pass for drug tests. 

You do not have to be a drug addict for you to fail the drug test as even a one-time occasion can compromise the outcome. For the fake urine to come in handy, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Here is a guide on what you need to know about synthetic urine. 

1)            Components of Synthetic Urine

Fake pee passes through a scientific process that enables it to have all the features of natural urine. Color is among them, whereby it comes in a warm yellow color. Other properties include sulfates, uric acid, ammonia, and urea. 

The pH, temperature, and creatinine levels also have to be the same as real urine. The Quick Fix Urine contains every component of normal pee, so it is the most reliable one to use. You can use synthetic urine if you know yours will cause you more trouble in the workplace.

You may not be a regular substance user, but even if you have used any drug within a week to a drug test, you cannot trust your urine for a negative test. Not all companies selling fake pee are genuine, which is why you should get it only from reliable manufacturers and follow instructions to the letter. During a drug test, if the results show that you used fake urine, you could not only lose your job but also spend time behind bars. 

2)            Factors To Consider When Choosing The Ideal Synthetic Urine

Not all synthetic urines are suitable for use when going for a drug test. You, therefore, need to ensure you consider these tips during purchase.

  •                     Reliable Manufacturer – It is not a wonder to find counterfeit fake urine in the market due to its demand. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout not to fall victim to such untrustworthy dealers. You can tell from the prices and customer reviews if you can trust the product from a said manufacturer. 
  •                     Temperature – Your urine is warm due to the body’s temperature, which can be between 90-100F. As such, the fake urine has to fall between that range. An ideal product comes with heating pads and a testing strip to show the urine’s temperature. 
  •                     Longevity – A right product will have a long shelf life so it can serve you for some time. You never know when you will go for a drug test. Therefore, you need non-expired urine anytime.
  •                     Uric Acid – Is an essential component that should not miss in the fake urine product. Before you buy it, ensure you read the ingredients to ensure the uric acid is present. 

3)            How To Pass A Drug Test Successfully With Synthetic Urine

If you have put all factors into consideration when buying the artificial urine, you must ensure that you pass the test by following these simple steps below:

  •                     Maintain The Right Temperature – Ideal fake urine kits have heating pads to ensure you have the right temperature. Use the testing strip to check the temperature falls under 90-100F.
  •                     Follow Instructions – The fake urine may be from a reputable company, but that does not mean you should look at the simple details. For instance, if it is in powder form, you need to understand how much water you need to use to mix it. Learn how long you should use a sample, heat it, and handle it to the point of putting it in the test cup. 

4)            Other Uses of Artificial Urine

Apart from using it for screening, synthetic urine serves different purposes.

  •                     Science

Companies that carry out urinalysis use equipment that need to be accurate at all times; natural urine is not consistent from individual to the other and may not produce the desired results. That is why it is appropriate to use synthetic urine since it does not alter the results. 

  •                     Education 

For students studying medicine instead of using human urine, they can use fake pee for their practical lessons. It is a healthy way of learning as human pee contains bacteria that can pose a health risk to those handling it. 

  •                     Test Diapers and Pads 

Companies use artificial urine to help determine the quality of their products. Since it has the same components as natural urine, the company can tell if a diaper or pad will serve its purpose effectively.

  •                     Cosmetics Use

Artificial urine has the same chemical structure as the natural one making it suitable in cosmetology. Real urine may contain properties that may harm the skin, but the synthetic one is safe to use.