Things every homeowner need to know about foundation repair


Over time your home is supposed to fall apart, don’t blame the builder as it is the law of nature or, more precisely, physics. I know it would be a distressing experience for every homeowner to strain his budget and opt for foundation repair. Foundation repair is expensive but the more you delay the more expensive the repair will cost you. So, my advice is that if you spot any damage signs, fix them right away.

Foundation is the crucial component of every house; it’s the foundation on which your home rests. If the foundation settles or sinks, you may get cracked walls, uneven floor, dysfunctional windows, and doors, and there are chances that you may even suffer costlier structural damage.

Now you may be wondering, how can one know when his foundation needs repair. How can you get to it before it’s too late? In this article  I have stated all the essential information you need to know regarding foundation issues identification before it becomes an overwhelming issue.


What can damage your foundation repair?

All foundation issues merge from two incidents, movement, and reshaping. These cause unsteadiness, leading to all other foundation issues and even causing severe structural problems, so it’s essential to deal with them immediately. In most cases uneven settling can arise foundation repair problems other issues include:


Water main breaks

Improper grading of surrounding soil

Expansive clay or poorly compacted soils

How to examine signs of damage?

Inspecting for signs of damage is not rocket science all you need is an in-depth evaluation of your surroundings. Here are a few signs that indicate your foundation is in pressing need of repair.

  • One of the indications of foundation movement is moving away of cabinets and counters from the walls. The cabinets and floors cease to level after the foundation moves.
  • Bowing, sagging, or dipping floors also symbolizes foundation movements. The uneven floors are quite dangerous, especially for adults.
  • Gaps in the exterior structures such as doors or windows, also make the foundation movement a culprit.
  • According to experts, a sinking house also symbolizes that the foundation setting incidents have occurred.

What do you need to do?

Don’t be scared, foundation repair is an invasive process. If any of these signs appear, your first step should be to consult a professional for in-depth analysis. There is also a possibility that the issue is a minor one: otherwise, it has to be something serious.  There are many options for foundation repair; choosing the most suitable one is the decision of a professional. The main methods employed for foundation issues are foundation slab jacking and foundation piering. Foundation piering is the most commonly used method, which includes shifting clay or soil. It presents a permanent solution to the underlying problem. Foundation slab jacking is more invasive, quicker, and budget-friendly in comparison. These methods involve drilling holes into your foundation and then filling them with a special sealant mixture.