Trail Blazers Favorite to Land Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons seems to be inevitably on the move after one of the great collapses in NBA Playoff history.


The Ben Simmons camp and Philadelphia 76ers reportedly began discussing their futures in what could become a split via trade this week. Simmons shot a hair above 30% on free throws this postseason, the worst in NBA Playoff history at his volume. He shot 0 field goals in five of the seven fourth quarters in the 76ers-Hawks series and passed up a wide open dunk in a one-possession game late in Game 7.

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The Hawks beat the 76ers in Game 7, casting doubt on Simmons’ future with the team after five seasons following less than full endorsements from Doc Rivers and Joel Embiid. lists the Trail Blazers (+200) as favorites to land the 24-year-old, who’s signed through 2024 at over $30-million per season.

Betonline ranks the Wizards (+300), Spurs (+400), Jazz (+500), Thunder (+550) and Warriors (+600) as the next most likely teams. All could offer a sizable contract in return, with CJ McCollum garnering early interest after The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor pitched the trade. The oddsmakers do not see Simmons back in Philly, with 75% odds (-300) that he’ll play for a different team (+200 to stay).

Oddsmakers also looked ahead to Embiid’s impending free agency in 2023, listing the Trail Blazers (+200), Rockets (+250), Warriors (+300), Lakers (+400) and Timberwolves (+500) as the next most likely teams he’ll play for.

As for the ongoing NBA Playoffs, Betonline is offering -700 odds for the Suns to reach the NBA Finals ahead 2-0. A Clippers comeback would net you +520 odds. The Bucks are still favorites in the Eastern Conference Finals (-215) despite the Hawks’ (+185) Game 1 win.

The Suns (-105), Bucks (+155), Hawks (+700) and Clippers (+1200) are available to bet on as NBA champions.

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