Types of Settlement You Can Get in an Injury Claim Case


Being involved in an injury can be very upsetting and can cost you a lot of medical bills and loss of wages when you are unable to go to work due to your injuries. Whilst some injuries occur by accident, others are the result of someone else’s mistake or incompetence. In these situations, many people are entitled to compensation which is obtained through an injury claim case. This compensation helps cover the cost of your medical expenses, the earnings which you lost by missing work, pain and trauma, and any long term expenses or effects which result from the injury. In order to maximize your compensation potential, it is important to seek professional assistance.

To aid anyone who has sustained an injury, here are the types of settlement you can get in an injury claim.

Compensation for Medical Related Economic Damages

Even a seemingly innocuous accident can cause significant injuries that can seriously affect your life. The first thing you need to do if you have suffered a personal injury is to seek immediate medical attention so that a qualified doctor can diagnose your injuries and start you off on the necessary treatment as soon as possible. Medical bills can be incredibly expensive so the first kind of settlement you need to seek is compensation for your medical expenses. It is really important to obtain all the medical reports pertaining to the injuries you sustained in the incident. These medical reports will be used by your attorneys as evidence in a compensation case in order to get all the money back to cover your expenses. In most states, these reports need to be obtained within a certain amount of days to be eligible in court so make sure that you don’t delay.

Compensation for Economic Damages for Vehicle or Property

One of the most common ways that you can sustain a personal injury is in a vehicle accident. As well as the injuries which are commonly sustained, a vehicle accident can also cause extensive damage to your vehicle and other property. In this case, the necessary repairs can cost a lot of money so the next kind of compensation you need to claim in your final settlement are economic damages to pay for your vehicle. You may be able to repair your car or you may need to get a replacement vehicle. Car insurance companies can be very difficult to deal with as they never want to payout. Your lawyer will be able to deal with the insurance company on your behalf and make sure that they pay you what you are entitled to.

Compensation for Non-Economic Damages

Even after your initial medical care and vehicle repairs, quite often you will still have long-term problems that can affect your life. These problems may be lifetime chronic pain or disability, trauma, inability to work, or anything else which negatively affects you. These are often the problems which are most important for you to be compensated for as they can have an incredibly negative impact for the rest of your life. They can also be the hardest to prove as problems like trauma are arguably subjective and so insurance companies will try to avoid paying. This is another reason why it is important to have an experienced lawyer fighting your case for you.

Compensation for Legal Fees

The final category of compensation that you will need to include in your settlement is money from the responsible party to cover the cost of your legal fees. In some cases, the losing side has to pay for the legal representation of the winner so you shouldn’t be concerned about the cost of legal representation if you are confident that you have a solid case. This is particularly true in personal injury cases as most injury lawyers do not require payment unless they are successful. Check with your lawyers first about their legal fees so that you don’t get hit with any hidden charges later on.


A bad injury can affect your life in many negative ways and the resulting issues are rarely solved with one visit to the hospital. The consequences can cause major long-term health problems and can seriously inhibit your ability to work or carry on with your life as it was before the incident. It is vital that you seek immediate medical attention as soon as possible following an injury and that you speak to an experienced injury lawyer who will be able to assist you in your case. Speak to your attorney about the compensation explained in this article and find out what you are eligible to receive.