EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Verderian Lowe Opens Up on Trade to Patriots

With the Patriots dealing with several injuries at the offensive tackle position, they were in desperate need to trade in order to add depth in this area of their roster.

In a late transaction heading into the NFL trade deadline, they traded for two young offensive tackles in Tyrone Wheatly Jr. and Verderian Lowe. CLNS Media’s Taylor Kyles was able to catch up with newcomer Verderian Lowe in the locker room for his first interview since his move to the Patriots.

Kyles and Lowe discussed everything from his family, transitioning to New England, and how the expectations differ between New England and Minnesota. Above anything else, Verderian Lowe is a family man, and having his family’s support is the most important part of his life.

“Family means everything. Just even right now, being traded, having to come here so quickly and having to leave my family behind it really sucks because they mean so much to me, but it’s my everything, it’s my whole existence,” said Lowe.

Having to pack up everything and move to a different part of the country is not unfamiliar territory for NFL players up until the trade deadline. Although difficult, Lowe is ready to get to work and provide his talents to a team in need at his position.

Verderian Lowe is “an athletic prospect with long, strong arms who is a good run blocker and is generally solid in pass protection, not giving up much any pressure on the edge when he was with the Vikings this preseason,” explained CLNS Media’s Taylor Kyles.

At 6-foot-6 and 320 pounds, Lowe moves strongly and has tremendous size and athleticism. At just 24 years old, there is so much potential to unlock by Bill Belichick and his staff as he goes into just his second year in the NFL.

Kyles had the opportunity to observe Lowe and break down some of his film, and noted that one area of weakness for the offensive tackle is consistently losing on inside counter moves. Lowe described the differences between the systems in New England and Minnesota and addressed how he will continue to learn how to take care of inside moves.

“That’s what they preach here is being more inside out than anything. Being in Minnesota it’s different, they want you to stay more aggressive sometimes on the slide and you know they want you to get out there and kind of stop the fight there. Here it’s just making sure you stay more inside out always and trying to keep that position, that will more than likely take care of the inside moves,” said Lowe.

Lowe’s vulnerability on inside rushes should be taken care of by the Patriots’ emphasis on inside-out protection. In Minnesota, Lowe was directed to employ more assertive pass sets and confront edge rushers directly, making him more susceptible to losing on inside counter moves.

Despite having a lot to learn and grow on in the future, Verderian Lowe is a strong and athletic run blocker who plays with an aggressive edge. He makes it extremely tough for opponents to get around him in pass protection with his strong and long arms. Lowe quickly ends rushes with great timing, placement, and awareness.

“I study a lot of tape on the guys that I go against. I just try to pick up their key moves and everything so that I know how to combat those and can counter as well when they counter mine… I just keep my feet moving, use my hands, use my arms, and it just keeps me in a good position,” added Lowe.

With a young and athletic body who is willing to learn and wants to be out on the field, the Patriots are hoping that they picked up an asset that they will need to utilize at the offensive tackle position.

Verderian Lowe admits that at this point he’s, “just trying to find [his] way.” Although he didn’t know exactly what the coaches had in mind for him when they traded for him he says, “I’m just here to play ball at this point.”

Mackenzie Bruno

Mackenzie Bruno is a junior at Emerson College pursuing a degree in Journalism with a minor in Sports Communication. She is also on the women’s basketball team.

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