Brad Stevens Pregame Interview | Celtics vs Lakers

    Brad Stevens spoke with media before the Celtics took on the undermanned Lakers at the Staples Center. Stevens spoke on their historic rivalry.


    Brad Stevens was interviewed pregame before the Celtics’ matchup vs the undermanned Los Angeles Lakers. He gave an injury update on center Robert Williams who was announced as out just a few hours before tip-off.
    “He’s got a little swelling up around the upper calf,” said Stevens. “They don’t think it’s anything more than day-to-day but [are] going to make sure.” Williams has been the starting center for the Celtics ever since the trade deadline.

    Stevens also commented on the team’s improved defense as of late. “I was talking about it the other day and I mean it helps when everybody’s available,” said the head coach. “I wasn’t as impressed with our defense against Portland, but you know we’ve got to start games a little bit better on that end.” The Celtics have been upping their defensive intensity during their recent road trip, and it has translated to wins.
    The media has been criticizing the Celtics’ play a lot this season, and Stevens commented on how it has been affecting the team. “I mean we try to help talk to the team,” said Stevens. “You have to like also recognize that people are making a living and rightfully so… diving in and trying to talk about your team.”