Celtics Beat the Heat & Dwyane Wade Talks About His Last Game Ever at TD Garden

    Al Horford talks about his triple double and a farewell to Dwyane Wade.


    TD GARDEN — It took a triple double from Al Horford and some help from an old friend for the Celtics to hold off the Heat on Monday Night at TD Garden. Horford finished with a line of 19 ptsm 11, rebounds, 10 assists. Kelly Olynyk got the start for the Heat and made two costly errors late. One a block on Kyrie Irving resulting in an and one, and then Olynyk chucked a pass to the fourth row to seal a 110-105 win for the Celtics.


    Heat vs Celtics, April 1, 2019


    RE: On Al Horford

    “”We do have to figure out a way to clean it up and play better when he’s not on the floor. There’s a lot of things that go with that. He’s so good on both ends. He does everything on the stat sheet.”


    What does it mean to finally get your triple-double?

    “It feels good. It is definitely good; it has been a lot of games like that. I looked over at my wife and she was like you better get it when I rebounded one she kept looking at me. I was like I got you, I got you but, I just tried to continue to play the right way and I am glad it worked out in my favor and obviously we got the win.”


    Re: On Dwyane Wade’s Final Game at TD Garden

    “I think that the most important thing as you go through your life, but especially your professional career, you’re the one that’s going to know when it’s time,” Irving said. “As long as you’re at peace with yourself, I’m fully supportive of that. I think he’s invested a lot of time. He’s sacrificed a lot of his life dedicating himself to being the best basketball player he can be. I mean, let my man ride off in the sunset on the white horse. If it’s time for him, then it’s time. We’ll probably see him playing in some 40-and-over summer leagues. It’s just the transition going from an NBA player to a retired NBA players is something I don’t think anyone is truly ready for. But if he’s at peace with it and he’s happy with his career then by all means, he deserves an ovation. He gets a bunch of claps and congratulations from me, because to do it the way he did it was very special, coming in with (LeBron James), (Chris Bosh), (Carmelo Anthony), that whole class, and he separated himself early on. He’s been a winner in this league. Of course you’ve got real life that he’s dealt with outside of the court and he’s handled himself like a true professional and I idolize someone like that. He’s really taken his brand to another level, became a very savvy business man and won championships while doing it. So I have nothing but great things and praises for D. Wade and his career.”


    What does it mean to you to get the Red Auerbach award?

    “It feels good. I’ve been here the longest so, to get that award especially because it is named after a guy who changed this city and changed this team and really gave it a face is something that hit home.”


    Re: Feelings/memories on last time playing at the TD Garden

    “Nothing, just trying to play the game man. You try to enjoy when the crowd does an ovation.  You have to play the game and I thought I was doing that to help my team get a win and figure out how to do that.  Right now, you look back on it and obviously just a lot of moments with this organization. We’ve played them another time.  We’ve had a lot of playoff battles, a lot of the lost and a lot of them won.  Just another one of those franchises that helped myself and this organization know what it takes to win and get to that next level. We had to beat this organization to get there once we developed the big three.   Appreciate them pushing us.  They were the big bothers for along time and we eventually, you know but we’re thankful for what they did from that standpoint.”



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