What Moves Will Brad Stevens Make For Celtics?

    Celtics Beat and Insider Jared Weiss give their thoughts on what potential moves and changes Stevens can make as a GM.


    As former GM Danny Ainge stated in a press conference, Celtics former head coach Brad Stevens has always been part of the roster making decisions, although he didn’t always get his way. Now as GM, Stevens has full control.

    Celtics Insider Jared Weiss and Celtic Beat discuss how Brad Stevens’ decisions as a coach might reflect what he does as a GM. Stevens loved having versatility with his players and didn’t love playing rookies too often. Will that still hold true with how he builds this Celtics team? Also, how will he sure up the bottom half of the roster that didn’t contribute much this season despite the injuries? In this video, the trio analyzes what they believe Stevens will and should do as a new GM.