Will the Play In Tournament Work?

    The A-List podcast and special guest Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports spoke about the NBA's play-tournament. Is it a good idea for the league?


    On this episode of the A-List podcast, A. Sherrod Blakely and Kwani A. Lunis talked with Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports about play in tournament possibilities and the season’s most interesting remaining storylines. LeBron James sounded off on the tournament and said whoever created it should be fired.
    Goodwill says that James most likely didn’t ever imagine a world where the Los Angeles Lakers would slide into the play-in tournament, and the end result is LeBron changing his stance now that it could impact him. Both A. Sherrod and Goodwill support the idea, saying it is one of the best ideas the league has produced in years. It not only will provide incentive towards the end of the season, but will also create some exciting potential one-game matchups, such as Lebron and the Lakers vs. Steph Curry and the Warriors.