When Will Joe Biden Roll Out the UBI Secret Weapon?

Joe Biden has long been against a UBI. However, like gay marriage, Biden has shown he'd flip on issues if it aids his cause


The likelihood of a Joe Biden presidency continues to be…more likely.  BetOnline.ag now has Biden as a significant -190 favorite following President Donald Trump’s slide.


Biden’s surge hasn’t been due to any shrewd campaigning.  Rather, the shutdown itself has removed him from public visibility, all while Trump has butchered the pandemic and the subsequent social unrest.


However, there will be a time and place where Biden will eventually have to define what his campaign stands for.  Thomas Dewey once infamously played it safe back in 1948 against Harry Truman — who’s approval ratings, like Trump, were in the 30s.  Dewey, however, never outlined any specific policy goals and in a stunning upset, more Americans pulled the lever for the incumbent.


And as unpopular as Trump is, he should still be able to have his way with Biden in the debates.  Unless, Biden rolls out a program that would be so popular that it would beyond compensate for his debate skills, or lack there of.


So, enter the UBI.


A Universal Basic Income (aka, Social Security for all), will be coming to America in the near future — no matter who is President.  The pandemic, and the ensuing shutdowns that shuttered 100,000 small businesses and began to usher in the Age of Automation, will make the livelihood of (now what once was) the American middle class no longer livable.  An expansion of the safety net, much to the chagrin of libertarians and traditional paleoconservatives, will have to be in order.


The unemployment relief in the CARES Act provided a beta for what is to come.  That relief has been the only thing that has prevented  even more businesses closing shop for good and, worse – even further social unrest, riots and looting.


However, there’s a very good chance another shoe will drop before November’s elections.  Look no further than the biggest elephant in the room — the housing bubble and a potential foreclosure apocalypse of biblical proportions.


If and when that hits, it won’t even be possible to appropriately measure the collective anger of the populace.  Americans will demand answers from both candidates, which means Biden simply won’t be able to run on platitudes alone as he has been.


But has that been his plan all along? Biden was once against a UBI, however him and Barack Obama were once against gay marriage when they both ran in 2008 as well.  Expect Biden to flip.  However, if Biden shows his cards now, there’s a very good chance that would force Trump’s hand to pass a permanent UBI before November.

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