Who To Avoid Dating


Taboos in Relationships: With Whom It Is Better Not to Date

There are many people in the world with whom we would like to start a relationship for many reasons: they are beautiful, smart, with a good sense of humor, or simply make us smile more often. In most cases, it is wonderful, but there is a category of people with whom you should avoid relationships, regardless of how they affect you. Why? Below is a useful guide. It will explain the reasons for limiting relationships with some people.

  1. An Ex-partner of Your Friend

Having an affair with a friend’s ex-partner is a stab in the back. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances that make such a relationship permissible, for instance, if she works in Dubai escort girls or a similar industry. But if his former love means a lot to him or if he still feels love for her, then such a relationship is out of the question. Respect friendship — consider other girls.

  1. Your Teacher or Professor

For some people, such relationships cause animal passion and nothing more. Many student-teacher couples enjoy the risks of their relationship. The teacher can lose the job, and the student — the opportunity to study in this institution. But if the feelings between people are strong, it is recommended to wait a while until the student completes education at the college/university.

  1. Your Boss

A romance between a boss and a subordinate is a bad idea. Even if the boss is incredibly beautiful and charming, you should keep your feelings secret. First, it is impossible to fully predict how the boss will react to such statements. In the event of a refusal, tension will arise between employees, which won’t allow them to tune in to the business atmosphere. If the feelings turn out to be mutual, who knows how long it will last. A breakup can threaten dismissal. Before entering a risky relationship, consider whether you need problems.

  1. Colleague

The arguments are the same as with the boss. Having an affair with a colleague is fraught with consequences that cannot be prevented or foreseen. If a coworker rejects you, the workplace becomes terribly stressful for both of you. Did something go wrong between you? Expect other employees to gossip about you, making it hard to concentrate on the workflow. If the feelings between partners are strong, it is worth for one of them to change the place of work so that the relationship doesn’t harm the business area of ​​life.

  1. Relationship With Your Ex-girlfriend

You cannot step in the same river twice. After all, there was a reason why you were destined to break up, right? An attempt to reset the relationship won’t be successful and threatens to disappoint you again. Save yourself tons of time by doing something productive

  1. The Person Serving You

If in a restaurant, a cute waitress was looking at you, talking to you cordially, you shouldn’t think that she feels attracted to you. She’s probably counting on a big tip — she doesn’t want to jump in your bed at all! The same applies to hostesses and to any other profession where customer friendliness is required.


Everyone is responsible for their actions. No one has the right to limit us in choosing a life partner. But if you managed to have an affair with one of the above candidates, be prepared for the consequences.