All Things Shiny: Why Silver Is So Valuable and Where Do You Buy It


All Things Shiny: Why Silver Is So Valuable and Where Do You Buy It

Silver is a practical investment. Though it isn’t part of any currency, it is a highly valued asset. Thus many are buying silver, and many others are wanting to buy more. In today’s buying trend, buying physical silver can be done not only from a brick-and-mortar store, but you can now buy from online stores. To establish trust and confidence in the seller, check out the company’s reputation and integrity before making that valuable transaction.

Why is Silver Valuable?

Silver metal is an element found in the Earth’s crust. It is most abundant in North and South America. However, small amounts of silver can also be found in some parts of the Earth. The silver that we see from the stores comes from silver ores mined from the Earth’s crust and chemically processed for industrial and luxury uses. Silver is an excellent choice in precious metals investment despite being second to gold when it comes to value.

Luxury silver is produced into pieces of jewelry, tableware, and other valuable trinkets. Silver is one of the most loved metals by jewelers because of its soft, luscious, and soft characteristics. It is also loved because of its bright metallic luster that does not tarnish when exposed to air and water.

In its industrial use, silver is a vital component in LED chips, semiconductors, batteries, and even water purification. As with gold and other precious rare metals, silver is an important element in making almost everything in the world work.

Furthermore, silver can be bought from jewellers and reputable dealers at a spot market price. If you prefer a quicker and wider route, you can choose to go online. An online store can also be the best place to buy silver for your investment.

Reputable Silver Store

Physical silver can be owned as an investment. You can purchase them from metal dealers and online markets. The online market is the buying trend for silver because of convenience and controlled risks. Several online stores offer different products, and you have to choose what product you buy and, most importantly, choose a reputable seller online. So how would you know a trusted seller?

Check the ratings

A company’s rating is very important, be sure to always check for them. An A+ rating given by the Better Business Bureau means that the company is operating for more than ten years. They keep their customers happy and satisfied. An A+ rating also indicates that the store has a strong commitment to customer service.

A reputable company also has a five-star rating from the National Inflation Association. It is an association that provides information about the global economy and financial markets to its members. Reputable companies also have several accolades, including the Dealer of the Year or Bullion Dealer of the Year from the Bullion directory.

Check on the company’s profile

The company profile tells the customer of its professional brand. It also tells about the products, services, and market positioning. You would also know them by their length of existence in the business. A forty years old company has surely survived the tests of the business, including their reputation.

A company’s profile also tells you the product sold in their store. More products on sale mean more assets they have, which ultimately means the size of their business. Know also their sales team. If the company has a seasoned sales team, it only means they are a good company that values people. Seasoned sales teams give you valuable services and can answer candid questions about their products.

Also, a good company has several professional memberships in its profile. A silver company with memberships from reputable associations such as the American Numismatic Association, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, and the Professional Coin Grading Service holds an unquestionable reputation.

Products Available Online

Selecting products online is as good as visiting a brick-and-mortar store called window shopping. In online shopping, examining a product without the intention of buying the item is called browsing. Buying such valuable items needs a meticulous selection process. Always know the particular product that you want to buy, and always know the specifications.

Since product varies in prices, quality and certain specifications, it is good to connect first with the store for inquiries before buying. For example, a store has a distinction of the best bullion dealer, but it does not mean selling only bullion silver. They can also have other silver products like silver bars, silver rounds, and many kinds of silver coins.

There are different types of silver coins available for investment, such as the Silver Krugerrand coins, the silver Canadian Maple leaf, Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Silver Dollar, Austrian Silver Philharmonic, and many others.


To minimize the buying risks, always check the authenticity of the silver products you buy. Examine the products online, do meticulous product browsing to ensure value for your investment. The product you buy and the product’s seller must give you the much-needed security about your tangible investment, the silver metal.