BREAKING: Donald Trump Betting Odds Plummet Following COVID-19 Infection

Donald Trump now has COVID-19. has fresh new betting odds, and they aren't good for the president.


Late last night, news broke reporting that President Donald Trump has contracted COVID-19.  His odds at winning re-election have utterly plummeted, according to  Trump is now a +160 underdog, while his Democratic opponent Vice President Joe Biden is -190.

Going into the debate on Tuesday, Trump was near even money to win re-election at +110.  However his positive COVID-19 test has capped off an utterly catastrophic week for the President.

Betting odds have also been taken off the board for all other campaigns.  Only the presidential election is now available to bettors.

Trump’s opponent offered his best wishes to the president, as well as his wife Melania, who also came down with the virus.

This is an earth-shattering event, which not only will affect the landscape for the coming election and campaigns, but potentially further putting the clamps down on the lives of everyday Americans upon entering cold and flu season.  What will the national response be following a positive test for the most powerful man on earth?

Conspiracy theories are also abound following the timing of the announcement.  Will Trump emerge from the illness cured by the treatment of hydroxychloroquine, a vaccine, or…celery juice?

It’s hard to see how this will benefit the president.  Many in the country have already made up their minds on who (or if) they’ll vote for.  Biden, who’s sporting a 28-3 fourth-quarter lead, can simply begin taking a knee on his way to crossing the November 3rd finish line.

Stay tuned to for more details on updated betting odds.


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