Garden Report, Media Criticism Sparks Best Week of Celtics Season

The Celtics sounded off at the Garden Report, Kevin O'Connor, among others and went on to win four of their last five games.


Players always hear the noise generated by the media and angry fans on twitter, but over the past few weeks it has been difficult for the Boston Celtics to ignore.

Sean Grande, the radio voice of the Boston Celtics, joined Adam Kauffman and Evan Valenti on the latest episode of the Celtics Beat Podcast to shine some light on the Celtics recent frustration with the media.



“There has never been a harder time to block out the noise,” Grande said. “Use it, use the noise if that motivates you, go crazy. But how seriously can you take any of this stuff?”

While this is certainly not the first time the media has been tough on Boston, recent reports have driven some of the players to publicly call out members of the media.

Comments made on an episode of the Ringer’s Mismatch Podcast in late March led to reports that big man Tristan Thompson was not loved in the Celtics locker room. Thompson voiced his frustration over the comments made by reporter Kevin O’Connor, and he was annoyed with the media for trying to create a headline. Jaylen Brown and Kemba Walker denounced the report on Twitter.

Last week guard Marcus Smart expressed his disdain with comments made by CLNS Media’s Garden Report about his defensive efforts.

Tristan Thompson also took exception to comments made on a Ringer Podcast which alleged he was not loved in the Celtics locker room.

Jaylen Brown admitted recently that the noise has affected the Celtics and their approach to the media and possibly even their play. They key, according to head coach Brad Stevens is not to ignore entireely, but rather to just not care.

“Brad [Stevens] said to me,” said Grande. “Don’t listen to opinions from people that you would not ask for advice. I thought, well, that’s pretty good.”