How to Step Up Your Decor in your Home


Now that you have been spending most of your time in your home, it is probably apparent what parts need an upgrade, or where your décor seems to be lacking. You may be spending most of your time in your living room watching the big game, or in the kitchen since you are cooking more from home. Either way, the time has come to make those upgrades and we have a few ideas to help you get started.

Frame your photos

If you are like us, it is highly likely that most of your photos live digitally in your phone, and not physically on your walls. The time has come to add to your place, so we say start with hanging up pictures that are important to you. Though, we are sure you don’t want to use boring frames, and you may not have time to go and get your pictures printed. Let a business like Framebridge do all the work for you. You send them your image and they take care of the rest. You’ll be able to pick a frame design and shape that will fit your home, or something that doesn’t, to give you a fresh start with a new aesthetic.

Add fresh flowers to the mix

If you haven’t already jumped on the plant parent train because you don’t want to have too many living things to take care of, we fully understand. It is still nice to have something living and fresh in your place though. A great alternative is ordering flowers online; there are so many beautiful floral arrangements to choose from, and all of them will step up the vibes in your home. Since fresh flowers will change the look of any room, don’t be afraid to add flowers to multiple locations! Bedroom, bathroom, living room, even the kitchen!

Don’t forget about your entryway

When someone comes to your home (or when the mail person continues to come by to deliver all these new purchases), you want them to be greeted with a cute welcome mat at your front door. Gone are the days of boring mats. There are so many funny, beautiful, unique mats to choose from over on Etsy. It will be hard to choose just one. But we say go for one that really fits you and your home’s personalities. It is a small addition to your decor, but since you see it every time you leave the house, it makes a big impact.

Have versatile items

Candles that double as stylish décor are a must when you are upping your home décor game. By getting yourself a candle that looks good and smells good, that is classic two birds one stone decorating. And Voluspa Candles are a safe bet when wanting to find a candle that does it all. Their candle containers come in all shapes and sizes, designs and vibes, so you can pick one that really fits you and the look you are going for! Once the candle has burned fully, you can repurpose the jar/tin and not take away from the design you already had in place!

Main room rug

Changing out your rug can change a room drastically! The problem with most rugs is that they are so hard to clean, it is hard to commit to one. That fact makes rugs from Ruggable a game changer. They are two pieces, that way you can wash the top portion of the rug! The rug cover fits inside your washing machine, and the non-slip, clingy pad keeps the cover in place once it is clean.

None of these upgrades should break the bank, so don’t worry. All it takes is a few minor adjustments to really step up your space’s decor and design! Don’t forget to pick things you like and want to see more of. You will be happy you did. Happy decorating! Enjoy!