#FireFauci — How Donald Trump Can Have a Fighting Chance in November

Firing Anthony Fauci May be Donald Trump’s Ace in the Hole


Donald Trump is seemingly on the brink.  Down nine points in the latest national poll to the presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, Trump is very much in danger of becoming the first incumbent President to fail to win re-election since George H.W. Bush in 1992.

Some of Trump’s most ardent intellectual supporters such as Dr. Victor Davis Hanson have pointed out that he’s ‘very much in the same situation he was in four years ago,’ however, that’s a misnomer.

Trump in 2016 had infinite amounts of more energy from his staunch Republican base.  While there is that figurative 35% that won’t leave Trump no matter what, the handful of people that showed up at his June rally in the deepest of red states spoke volumes.

According to BetOnline.ag, Trump — for his mishaps and lunacy, for everything that has happened (a pandemic, the greatest economic collapse in American history, mass civil unrest), is still only a +140 underdog to Joe Biden (-170.)

Trump still has a puncher’s chance, and can still pull off another November upset.

But before Trump can even sniff the possibility of winning back some swing votes that were lost during his misguided rampage following the Black Lives Matter protests, Trump is in dire need of reigniting the fire that was there that was enough to usurp the entire Republican and Democratic party apparatus in 2016.

The play? Give Dr. Anthony Fauci the heave ho.

We touched upon this back in May that this was unlikely and it remains very much so, but Trump desperately needs a where-did-that-come from out of the blue left field move that will actually play well with a base that has become more and more lukewarm with each passing day.

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And nothing would play better with The Base than removing the trenchiest-of-deep-state-beaucrats and the face of the economy-destroying lockdowns in Fauci.

Such a move would instigate mass-ridicule, but only from the woke-left and the alphabet letter media, which as Trump should know, won’t matter.

What matters is getting the MAGA-hatters back in line, fired up, and ready to rip things up.

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