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    Red Sox Search For Starting Rotation Aid Is Underway


    The 90th MLB Allstar game is finally here and J.D. Martinez has seized the starting DH role.

    With Alex Cora managing the American League, Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts will likely get turns in the lineup, but that isn’t the biggest Red Sox story right now.

    Hundreds of miles away, Dave Dombrowski has been busy. Ken Rosenthal reported that the GM cast a wide net in search of starting pitching and that the New York Mets took the bait, offering up trade talks involving Zach Wheeler.

    Extra rotation help would give the bullpen some much-needed rest and allow for a late playoff push. It’s going to be a fight to make it happen with as many as ten other teams expressing interest, but there aren’t many better options at the moment.

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