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Grant Williams Trusts NBA As League Returns Amid Coronavirus Surge

Grant Williams returned to Boston on June 22 after spending most of the three quarantine months in Charlotte with Kemba Walker. He found Auerbach...

Doc Rivers Hopes Ray Allen Celtics Reunion Happens Next Year

Doc Rivers is watching too much TV and eating way too much food these days.The Clippers head coach checked in from quarantine this week,...

Celtics Center Enes Kanter Broke NBA Record for Summer Camps

SYRACUSE, NY -- Enes Kanter thinks NBA players care too much about their tans. If he did, he wouldn't be lounging under the sun...

Inside the Celtics Locker Room: Nothing but Isaiah praise from Kyrie

Four hours from the ball drops in New York City, ushering in 2018 where the Celtics’ schedule will calm and but the Cavaliers will present an immediate...