Author: Amy Voss and Jasmine Sadry

Amy Voss and Jasmine Sadry

Full Bio : Funny females. Fantasy football. Relatable realities. And a splash of in-your-face fierce. It’s the First & 10s Podcast, the unique weekly show delivering hot women, cold-blooded competition and the spiciest of opinions on football, life and, especially, each other.

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Cleat In Mouth Disease – Season 2, Episode 82

(S2,E82) In NFL news, it's all fun and games until one of our most coveted players puts his cleat in his mouth, Pete Carroll...

Mother Falcon Rocket Scientist QB! – Season 2, Episode 81

(S2,E81) We start with heavy hearts from a sad and devastating weekend. In NFL news, we're making history as we side with a Philadelphia...

Big Butts, K-Tape & NFL Talk – Season 2, Episode 80

(S2,E80) NFL News has Jadeveon Clowney still not on a team, stupid Dak news that Jasmine insists on annoying Amy with, Stadium openings on...

Penetrating The Sports World – Season 2, Episode 79

(S2,E79) In NFL News, conflicting reports on minicamps, crowds, start of season has us all kinds of annoyed, Tre Flowers gets quite the response...

It’s Always About The Length – Season 2, Episode 78

(S2,E78) In NFL News, Tom Brady is a shady salesman, Aldon Smith is back in action, and we've got another docuseries to look forward...

N95 NFL – Season 2, Episode 77

(S2,E77) In NFL news, potential modifications to NFL uniforms to combat the "vid", Big Ben gets a trim, and Michael Thomas and Devante Parker...

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