A weekly news, politics, and pop culture podcast hosted by comedian/writer/former Cracked editor Adam Tod Brown. The flagship show of the Unpops Podcast Network.

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Adam welcomes Brett Rader, Quincy Johnson II, and Papp Johnson to discuss the various racism scandals plaguing the NFL these days

Adam and special guests Vanessa Gritton and Joe Dosch talk about the possibility that the Kavanaugh hearings were just a Republican effort to discredit the #MeToo movement

Adam welcomes comedians Kelly McInerney and Jon Shefsky to discuss all the ways SNL lowkey makes the Trump problem even worse.

Adam welcomes special guests Michael Swaim and Dave Waite to talk about how the Trump presidency has impacted the horror movie industry.

Adam welcomes comedians Tom Goss, Matt Lieb, and Jon Shefsky to talk about social media censorship, a crazy Stormy Daniels story, a two headed snake, and so much more

Adam and guest co-host Vanessa Gritton welcome comedians Madison Shepard and Katie Merriam to talk about the creepy sex trafficking cult known as NXIVM

Interesting facts about 9/11 that you’ve probably forgotten about over the years

Adam and Brett welcome comedian Travis Clark and actor Jonathan Sadowski to discuss some opinions that aren’t…popular.

Futuristic weed gadgets and speculation about the future of marijuana prohibition

Adam and Brett welcome comedians Kelly McInerney and Radostin Zahariev to talk about all the weird things people are watching on webcams these days