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    Erik Erlendsson: Lightning over the Bruins in Seven


    Today, the Boston Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightning begin their highly-anticipated second round series with each other. As we wait for Game 1, series predictions are being thrown around like footballs on Thanksgiving.

    To hear a prediction from the “other side”, Bruins Beat host Jimmy Murphy had Lightninginsider.com writer and longtime Tampa Tribune Lightning beat writer Erik Erlendsson on to give his predictions for the upcoming series.

    “It’s going to be close,” said Erlendsson. “But I think that slight edge in terms of the Lightning’s speed and ability to forecheck will be the difference so Tampa in seven.”

    Erlendsson explained that not so long ago, he would’ve picked a different outcome in this series.

    “At the end of the season, I would’ve said Bruins win this series pretty easily. But watching the Bruins over the final week or so and watching that series with Toronto, I think if the Lightning can utilize their speed better than Toronto did, I think Tampa will win this series in seven.”

    Murph countered with his own predictions.

    “I’m going with Bruins in six,” said a chuckling Murph. “I’m not too confident in that and the only reason I’m doing that is because every time I pick against these guys, they make me look like an idiot.”

    In the first round, Murph had picked the Toronto Maple Leafs over the Bruins in six games.

    Erlendsson went on to introduce some sleeper players for the Lightning in this series.

    “There are two main sleeper players for the Lightning,” exclaimed Erlendsson. “One is only a surprise because he’s overshadowed and one is new to the team.”

    Who could those players be? Also, how will those players impact the series?