Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman Podcast

    Jay Wright: Villanova Stories, NCAA + Ryan Arcidiacono


    Villanova head coach Jay Wright joins Bob & Jeff to talk about coaching in the NCAA, NBA’s recent rule changes and Bulls guard Ryan Arcidiacono makes a surprise appearance. 

    Tune in!

    8:03: Bob Ryan’s Jay Wright story

    12:54: How did winning a national title change your life?

    15:21: Jeff Goodman’s Jay Wright story

    17:06: Jay Wright’s gameday routine

    20:22: Jay Wright on 1-and-Done players in the NCAA

    23:14: What veteran leadership means for Villanova

    26:19: Villanova rivalries

    27:51: Bulls guard/former Villanova Wildcat Ryan Arcidiacono crashes the interview

    29:32: Best recruiting story

    31:20: Arcidiacono on Wright’s impact on his attitude

    32:30: Arcidiacono’s greatest Jay Wright stories

    35:18: Jay Wright’s opinion on new NCAA & NBA rules

    39:11: Arcidiacono’s opinion on NBA’s potential expansion/G-League format

    40:05: Why’s Adam Silver doing this?

    43:21: Talent level in NCAA Basketball


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